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More About Our Workshops....

Below is a brief overview of our Workshop Topics:

"TRS Retirement Workshop - Understanding Your TRS Benefits & Preparing for Retirement"

This workshop is designed to expose educators to the many questions they will need to answer as they prepare to retire from TRS.  These workshops are typically held for several months every Spring and once or twice in the Fall.  Discussions include such things as:

  • Understanding the rule of 80/90
  • Calculating your TRS Retirement Check & if you can afford to retire
  • Requesting and completing the TRS Retirement Packet and its forms
  • Understanding the TRS Benefit Payout Options including the pros & cons regarding the partial lump sum option
  • Evaluating TRS-Care Options & Costs

(Aspire Wealth Strategies and its representatives do not represent, nor are they affiliated with the Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS).)

"Reduce the Risk of Outliving Your Retirement Income"

This workshop seeks to address the primary question facing retirees today..."Will you outlive your savings?  or, Will you have income for life?"

Individuals approaching retirement and retirees that are seeking ways to make your retirement income last as long as you do will find this presentation and strategy enlightening.

Join us as we discuss the important issues regarding your retirement, including:

  • How to plan so that you have enough assets to last as long as you do
  • Opportunities to increase income to help maintain purchasing power throughout retirement
  • Minimizing risk and preserving principal
  • The impact of emotional investing on your retirement savings
  • Mitigating the effects of inflation on your retirement income

"Securing Your Financial Future:  Wealth Strategies for Savers"

This workshop will introduce you to a strategy designed to help you develop or improve your financial position by avoiding or minimizing unnecessary wealth transfers where possible, and creating an increasing reserve of resources that provides accessibility, control, and uninterrupted compounding.  In this session, you will learn :

  • How to become a "Wealth Creator" versus a Saver or Debtor
  • What benefits you should be looking for in a savings vehicle
  • An understanding of key concepts including you Lifetime Wealth & Expenditure Potential and how unnecessary wealth transfers and inefficiency in planning can have a dramatic impact on your future

"Investing for Your Financial Future:  Key Concepts You should Know"

This workshop will provide an introduction to key concepts you should know when it comes to developing a plan for your financial future. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How finding the right balance in your financial life and the appropriate mix in your investment choices can impact your financial future
  • How money works and flows in your life and how that affects your ability to accumulate assets
  • How qualified plans such as 401k’s, IRAs, and other investment vehicles operate and their appropriate role in your retirement planning
  • How to receive a FREE Retirement report that will answer the 4 most important questions anyone serious about retiring with enough money to maintain their desired lifestyle through their retirement years should know:

                 1. What rate of return risk do I have to take for my current retirement plan to work? 
                 2. How long will I have to work before I can afford to retire at the income I want? 
                 3. How much do I need to be saving to reach my desired retirement income goal? 
                 4. If I don’t change anything I’m doing now, how much will I have to reduced my standard 
                     of living at retirement? 

"Retirement:  Are You Ready?  Seeking a well-balanced Financial Position"

This workshop will introduce you to what we refer to as Position A - “A Well-Balanced Financial Position" at retirement and will show you what that should look like and strategies on how to get there. In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Financial risks that you should be aware of and prepared for that could negatively impact you during your retirement years
  • Understanding the critical differences between your “Accumulation Years” and your “Distributions” years and how the financial rules will change regarding your assets and the investment strategies you use
  • What financial events & concepts could prevent you from getting to Position A and staying there during retirement 

"Investing for Your Future: Financial Strategies for Business Owners"

This workshop will introduce business owners to some alternative ideas and approaches to viewing the relationship between their business and their personal retirement planning and future retirement objectives. Business owners will learn:

  • The importance of understanding, identifying and reducing unnecessary wealth transfers occurring in the business that you may not be aware of and the lost opportunity costs associated with them 
  • How to improve your business and personal financial position by creating an increasing reserve of capital that provides accessibility, control and uninterrupted compounding 
  • The advantages of utilizing the benefits of business ownership to build your personal financial retirement security 
  • An alternative look at the question - “If I sell my business at retirement, will I have enough money to last my retirement living the same lifestyle?”