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Additional Knowledge to Guide the Way

On the following tabs are some additional resources and videos to help provide you a better understanding of our philosophy and approach when it comes to insurance and retirement planning.  Additionally, there is a glossary of terms and a collection of calculators that can explain various concepts and can be a great starting point for questions about your personal finances.

Personal Economic Cash Flow Model

Money, like other aspects of life, works best when it is in balance.  The following video provides a visual picture of how money flows and the important decisions on must make in order to maintain a balance in their financial life.

Private Reserve Strategy

Circle of Wealth

All your present and future dollars fit inside a conceptual Circle of Wealth. Watch this video to see how they fit and ways to grow.

Retirement Ready or Not

Retirement planning doesn't have to be complicated. Watch this video to see a calculation approach that is quick and intuitive.

10 Minute Lesson on Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a complex financial product. Watch this video for an educational walk-through of how it works and it's potential benefit


Our glossary of terms has more than 200 entries that explain various financial concepts, ideas, and strategies.  Scroll through and find the information you need.

Financial Calculators

Our collection of calculators is great starting point if you have a question or concern about your personal finances.  Click on a calculator to begin.